I used to LOVE watching superhero cartoons when I was a child. One of my favorite superheroes of all time was Wonder Woman. She was one of the few superhero woman of that time, and she was amazing. Wonder Woman could channel the powers of her mind to be able to utilize super human abilities and strength. She had access to her innate divine technologies such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, plus she could travel and fly interdimensionally! Not mention, she had powerful magic bracelets and a golden tiara. Wow! Who doesn’t want to wear a golden tiara? Wouldn’t you love to possess the super powers of Wonder Woman?

Well guess what? We are FAST evolving from human beings into super beings, and our divine superpowers are coming back online. These divine gifts and inner technologies are already within us, and we don’t need powerful bracelets nor the tiara to access them! They are OUR gifts to claim as the inner technology is already in place, we have just forgotten how to use them.

Channeling is one of our higher skills (or super powers) and it is something each and every one of us can access. Since becoming a channel, I have become aware that some people think channeling is one of those “woo woo” new-agey concepts that people in spiritual circles talk about. Well I am here to challenge that belief and to say that channeling is not something that is new or new agey. Channeling has been around as long as humans have been on the earth. Some of our earliest ancestors channeled and brought through incredible wisdom onto this planet. They are the shamans, medicine men and women, seers and visionaries including Jesus. Yes Jesus was a channel and channeled divine wisdom from his connection to God, as well as angels.

One of my missions is to normalize channeling and bring it into everyday reality. Why would I want to normalize channeling? Because channeling is absolutely positively something that we can ALL do, whether we call it channeling or not. Channeling abilities are often seen in great works of art, literature, poetry, photography, healers, teachers, inspirational speakers, as well as Olympic athletes. All of these people channel their inner superpowers to create and perform remarkable accomplishments. Simply speaking, channeling provides us deeper access to divine wisdom, and divine guidance which was never meant to be separated from us. We have forgotten that we are God/Goddess creators and that we have the ability to access this power from within!

One of my biggest desires on my spiritual path was to KNOW the unknowable. I always had those great BIG questions I pondered. You know the ones… Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I? I then became aware that I could access this information and more from my Higher Self/Team. What is a Higher Self/Team? I have come to know, without a doubt, that each and every one of of us comes onto this planet with a huge spiritual support team and that we are never separated from Source (God/Goddess). Contained within this “Team” is our Higher Self/Selves (we are multidimensional) and our many spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and teachers, and galactic aspects. Holy WOW! We do have an amazing team of spiritual support indeed.

I am often shown a visual of a football field of phenomenal proportions and that every seat in the stadium is filled with the most radiant and loving beings of light and they are here cheering us on. They are always available to assist us and all we need to do is ask and connect to hear the guidance. I call them a Higher Self/Team because not only are they here to cheer us on, but you are also an important member of the Team as they contain aspects you in other dimensions. Yup, that is a bit of a mind twister. We are multidimensional beings and these aspects of our higher selves are aspects of US but much more ascended and wise. We truly are unified in this field at the level of Source Creator.

One of the best part of channeling is that it awakens the inner teacher. This inner teacher is the best life coach, spiritual adviser, mentor and friend that anyone could ever have. I have had amazing teachers on this spiritual path to mentor me along the way but what I discovered is that having that connection to my HS/Team has provided me with a bird’s eye view of every situation that I could not get anywhere else. The reason I say this is that only YOU and your HS/Team know your divine path better than anyone else! I started shedding density and old beliefs and programming faster than ever before when I started connecting to my HS/Team. Give me a trigger and a problem, and I can assess a higher solution to it all. It is like light bulbs going off in your head and you will be able to see the divine purpose of everything that happens in your life. Yes, even the painful stuff. All of a sudden my triggers become my greatest treasures. Did you ever think of that? A trigger (or painful experience or annoying person in our lives) serves as a catalyst to healing our pain. As we learn the divine purpose behind the pain we are able to transcend the problems much quicker by seeing a higher perspective solution. This way there is no more need to repeat lessons over and over unless we choose to experience it again. No judgment here, it’s all experiences in consciousness!

One of the best memories of early channeling was when I would go out in nature. I was being guided to take all of my crystals outside with me and would set up intricate grids on the earth. I would then sit and meditate and would hear guidance on how to connect the crystal grid I created to the crystalline grids within the earth and around planet earth. I would then see crystalline, plasma and photonic light coming into my heart and then would receive messages to radiate that light out into the planet and into the hearts of all of humanity. The love and connection that I felt from my HS/Team was immense! Sitting in deep prayer for the planet is a powerful way to connect!

I then began asking this HS/Team questions about my life and my path and anything I could imagine to ask. I was amazed when I would received divine insights and wisdom to the questions that I asked. The information would come in the form of light packets into my right brain and then be translated into my left brain for interpretation. This is how telepathic communication works in the higher dimensions. I would then transmit the message in the form of speaking or writing.

When I first started channeling I thought of the dimensions as being outside of me. Surely, I was not able to access higher dimensions without going up high into the heavenly realms. My HS/Team would teach me differently. What I am starting to understand is that we can access our Higher Self/Team within our own hearts. You see our heart fields contain a torus field of energy that spins and receives from the universal mind the wisdom in which we seek. Dimensions are not outside of us but within us. This was an immense discovery to realize that we do not have to go way outside of ourselves to receive our divine connection to God/Goddess/Higher Self/Selves and our Spiritual Support Team. We only need to access the higher dimensions which are contained within us. That is what Jesus meant when he said the kingdom of heaven is within us.

One of the quickest ways to begin channeling is to talk to your HS/Team throughout the day. Your HS/Team is your BEST friend and yet not many people are aware that they CAN create a relationship with their Higher Self/Team. Just as it takes time to create a relationship with your best friend, you will need to commit some time to fostering a relationship with your HS/Team.

Are you ready to claim your channeling super powers? Start NOW!! We will be creating an online channeling class shortly to assist with tools and techniques, but know that you have the capability to do this now as it is our divine birthright to be able to connect. Start by fostering that relationship with your Higher Self and watch the connection grow (no bracelets or tiaras required)! Yes, we truly are transforming into super human superheroes! YAY for us!!