A channeled message from a Collective “Team” of Higher Dimensional Galactics, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides and Teachers

We see you gazing into the brilliant night sky in deep awe of the vastness of space, and twinkling lights, that light up your nighttime skyscape. What if we told you that your Galactic Family of Light has just as much wonderment and awe when gazing into Gaia’s earthscape? Yes, we see your shining lights! From our viewpoint within your galaxy, you really are quite brilliant and magnificent! You may be wondering, why would we be enamored by the human race? In order to really answer this question, we will take a little tour through your galactic family tree and your multidimensional nature. As you may be aware, you are far more vast than the third dimensional bodies in which you currently inhabit. As a multi dimensional being there are many fragmented aspects contained within the unified field of oneness.

Yes, you are far grander than a singular being who is playing out a fragment of your consciousness within this human incarnation. Your consciousness is vast and multidimensional in nature. There are many aspects of YOU residing within the star systems and within the higher dimensional frequencies, in which is often termed the heavenly realms. This would mean that there are aspects of YOU that dwell within the higher dimensions. As a multidimensional being you have access to these higher aspects of your magnificence! These higher aspects of YOU are all wise, all knowing and connected to Source/ God/ Goddess. These higher aspects are often referred to as Higher Self, Oversoul, The Mighty I AM Presence, as well as many aspects that are Ascended Masters, Teachers, Spiritual Guides, Angels, and Healers.

We wish for you to know that these aspects are the Multidimensional YOU! These Higher Aspects of YOU are able to reach through the time/space continuum in order to assist you on your evolutionary path towards oneness. In fact, we would go so far as to say that the entire purpose of this earthly incarnation is to Re-Remember who YOU are as a Multidimensional Being! The entire ascension process is about unifying all of those multidimensional aspects of YOU back into the Divinity of God/Goddess or Prime Source Energy.

Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is within!” No truer words could have ever been spoken! Everything is a microcosm (a part) of the macrocosm (the whole) and you are a vast universal system within your cellular structure. How can you be so VAST as a human being? We would say it is not the human framework that is so vast, as much as consciousness which inhabits your cells and human form. You see consciousness is non-local, which means that your consciousness is capable of being in many places at once, including being in the higher dimensional realms, at the same time you are here on planet earth. How is that for a mind bender?

We would go so far as to say this entire multiverse is a huge hologram in which there are many fragmented parts to the whole.What you do within the hologram affects the whole, and yet it is always connected, and always ONE unified field within that hologram. You cannot separate any part of a hologram. Within each fragment is the WHOLE hologram. We liken this to the old familiar saying that when a butterfly flaps its wings across the world, it has an effect on the entire universe (hologram). How could that be? How could a simple butterfly flapping its wings have an energetic imprint on the hologram? We live in a vibratory universe and what we do matters energetically to the whole universe. Yes, you are that important! Yes, you are a magnificent part of the cosmic hologram! Yes, you really do matter! Your worth is beyond precious! You really are quite impressive, you see!

The saying “as above, so below” points to the powerful relationship between you and your galactic family tree within the cosmos. The planetary and solar alignments within your galaxy have an effect on YOU because you are a part of it! Yes, there is no coincidence why full moons, solar cosmic rays, and lunar eclipses have an effect on the human body. It is an energetic alignment within the hologram, and the whole multiverse effects the whole of creation!

So how do you claim your Multidimensionality? The truth is you already ARE multidimensional. You do not need to try to be multidimensional, you simply need to think much more expansively about your true divine nature. The quote “where your attention goes, your energy flows” explains that your consciousness can be anywhere, at any time. You wish to travel to that twinkling star system? No problem, you can interdimensionally travel to the stars. Why limit yourself? Whatever you can imagine you can do! You are limitless in your potential, which is why we are in awe of you!

We see that many humans have amnesia and feel quite powerless to change their lives. That is because many humans are underutilizing their potentials, and creating by default. We see you yearning for something more? The yearning that you are feeling is your remembrance of what it is like to be multidimensional. As you look up into the stars, how many of you have wanted to go Home? It is your yearning for your remembrance of your multidimensionality that drives you on your evolutionary path back into unity consciousness. We delight in watching you gain mastery over your human emotions by releasing and healing old wounds and pains which no longer serve because as you heal yourself, you heal not only this planetary system but the entire multiverse!

We wish to thank you all for your contributions of love, light and service to humanity! The brilliance of your Beloved Temples of Light are recognized throughout many star systems. We bow to your brilliance and beauty! Shine on… Shine on.. Shine on….

Grace is a multidimensional mentor and spiritual teacher/channeler. She channels a Collective “Team” which consists of many higher dimensional galactics, angels, ascended masters, and off planetary teachers. She and her “Team” focus on higher states of consciousness, personal and planetary ascension, vibrational frequency, as well as teaching how to channel. The Team’s messages are always of self-empowerment and the importance of healing and releasing old programs which no longer serve! The time is now to step up and into your brilliance!