About Jillian Grace

Spiritual Channel/Teacher and Counselor Jillian Grace

Jillian Grace focuses on higher states of consciousness, vibrational frequency, planetary ascension, and helping people to connect to their own divine power and co-creator abilities. As an inner explorer, she has experienced out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, and other phenomena which has helped her understand the higher states of consciousness and our multidimensional nature.

Jillian Grace is deeply dedicated to her relationship with the Divine and is in constant communication with her Collective Spiritual Team, which consists of Mother/Father God, ascended masters, angels, teachers, guides and her galactic family of light. The Collective’s messages are always one of self-empowerment, releasing old programming that no longer serves us, and calling forth and awakening our True Divine Potential!

Within each and every one of us is our own Divine Spark of God just waiting to be awakened!