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Channeling Sessions with Jillian Grace

Channeling Session Explained

During a channeling session, we will start out by creating a higher dimensional vortex around us in order to raise the frequency and enter into the “higher dimensions” in order to connect to your Higher Guidance “Team”, as well as my own. This includes connecting to your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Healers and Holy Ones. We all have HUGE teams of higher dimensional guidance available to us! This connection will also include my Higher Dimensional Support Team, which includes my Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Angels, Galactic Family of Light, Guides and Holy Ones. This “dynamic duo” of divine energy is then “braided together” in order to broadcast a message that is uniquely designed for you.

Channeling sessions provide a multidimensional “birds eye” view of any situation you may be dealing with. Often we get stuck within the limited, third dimensional, viewpoint of our problems and channeling provides a higher dimensional perspective to help overcome being stuck! Our “earthly” problems originate within the lower dimensional frequencies which is intertwined with our limiting belief systems. If you raise the frequency of the problem (or lesson) to a higher dimensional level, answers will flood in to create “new” ideas and perspectives, as well as creating a space for healing.

A channeled reading with Jillian Grace is NOT a psychic reading. We believe that psychic readings are very limiting in their scope due to the potentialities that are available to you! Therefore, we refrain from giving any psychic predictions or limiting anyone’s abilities to create their own unique future. Within the quantum field are VAST probabilities of timelines which can be accessed. Our channels can provide a glimpse into other future potentialities but it is YOU that create from the unlimited ocean of potentiality!

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The Technical Side of Channeling

Channeling Sessions with Jillian Grace

I receive channeled messages via what is known as “quanta light packets.” Contained within light is information, and it is the way that our higher dimensional “teams” communicate with us. Therefore, in the channeling state when you raise your frequencies up to the higher dimensions where light is of a very high frequency these “quanta light packets” merge within my field of consciousness , where they are then “unpacked” and the information is delivered telepathically. In the higher dimensional realms communication is telepathic in nature and I have found that communication to be in the form of language of light.

I am a conscious channel, and am aware of what information is being streamed through me, yet I am unable to change the information in any way (nor would I want to!) Being in the channeling state means that my brain waves are in higher alpha or lower theta brain state which is “dream like” in nature, and often hard to recall the information in detail when I am out of the channeling state. I have learned to trust in this ability and to deliver the messages as they appear. As I continue to channel, this energy is becoming more and more integrated within me, as I am feeling more and more connected and unified within my Multidimensional Self!


It is helpful to have a couple questions or situations in which you would like clarification. This will help “guide” the channel in a much better way. Since channeling is not the little ME, I cannot control what will come through the channels, but find that having some discussion prior to the channeling is often very beneficial to get the most out of a channeled reading. This is not necessary, but have found the channelings to be especially meaningful when they are utilized in this way. This discussion will occur in the beginning of the session, just prior to connecting.

My commitment to you!

As a spiritual teacher, channel and multidimensional guide, I promise to remain in love and integrity within my own life. This is VERY important as any successful spiritual teacher or channel must consistently hold and anchor within their bodies very high frequencies bandwidths of photonic light! I am committed to keeping an open heart and mind and fostering the highest relationship with God/Goddess, and the Higher Dimensional Support Team in which I am connected to.

My mission and commitment is to Humanity and Gaia to support those on the Ascension Path. I am committed to doing daily planetary prayers to assist humanity during this amazing LEAP and shift of consciousness on this planet.

My commitment to my clients is to stay balanced within my own personal life and to always BE who I say that I AM. To live a life of “clean” living, free of negativity and chaos, and to maintain an open heart of compassion, love and light to all that I have the privilege to meet or work with! I strive to always be in the purest Divine LOVE of God/Goddess and Christ Consciousness as I go forward on the “service to others” path.

Part of my mission is to empower YOU to access this channeling state yourself, as it is our divine inheritance to be able to connect in this way. This is not a “special gift” that only a few can access, this is available to us all NOW! Stay tuned for online channeling classes to help you access your highest potentials through the channeling process!