Client Reviews

Emily has been exceptional with me. I have been going through a “large” rough patch but with her help (readings on both me and my child, cleaning our chakras, etc) I feel like we might finally be on the right path. Not only do I understand myself better but I also feel much lighter and more free. It’s an amazing feeling and has been a wonderful experience.

-Lindsey, TX


I received a reading from Emily recently and it was an amazing experience. My first reading ever was about a year ago, with a stranger I knew nothing about, and left me feeling incredibly doubtful and uncomfortable. Emily’s reading was nothing like that, and in fact, gave me a very refreshed, energized and peaceful feeling. She was able to shine a light on things I wasn’t aware of, and connect the dots on a few things that I was already wondering about, but needed some clarity. There is an element of healing in what she does, and I would not hesitate to work with her again, or send people her way.

– Cassidy, TX


I received a consultation from Emily last month, and as it was my first reading, I was a little nervous. But Emily made it such a wonderful experience! Much of what she told me struck straight to my heart, and Emily was also willing to answer any questions I had, as well as point me toward some great resources. It’s clear that Emily has a gift, and I look forward to consulting with her again!

– Sarah, CO