Intuitive Mediumship, Chakric Clearing and Identifying Blockages

My strengths are in identifying the problems affecting you in the etheric realm, which in turn cause trouble in your daily life, and clearing them. I do this by viewing your etheric body (see resources for more information on what this means), communicating with your guides, angels, and other helpers about what issues are affecting your soul’s development, and moving from there. The healing occurs primarily in the form of chakric clearing and balancing, as well as as etheric cord cutting, which involves working with your guides and angels. Chakric clearing is helpful for physical and emotional dysfunction issues within oneself, and etheric cord cutting helps regulate the exchange of energy between oneself and others (including past loves, family, friends, pets, even items!) There may be karmic issues from past lives that need to be integrated or released. Most problems can be resolved, for a greater sense of calm and peace.

Services done remotely. A report is sent via email and follow-up email or phone questions welcomed.



Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings are beneficial if you have questions pertaining to issues in your life that you would like specific answers to. I connect to your guides and my guides, and they give information related to your life’s journey, through the cards. I use a deck comprised of a combination of Goddess Oracle and Daily Angel Cards (by Doreen Virtue), as well as Gaia Oracle Card readings (by Tony Carmine Salerno).

(Email delivery preferred because of the depth of information, follow-up phone calls welcome)

Services done remotely. A report is sent via email and follow-up email or phone questions welcomed.



Children’s Services

I’m passionate about helping families who have children with special connections. If you believe your child is having problems connected to a past life, if they are having disturbances at night or if your child has psychic abilities and  your are unsure what to do next, I am available to consult with your family to develop a plan of action.

$125 per hour


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